Irish Dating Sites: Ireland’s Guide to Online Dating

Have you decided to dip your toes into the world of internet dating? Are you sifting through the endless list of Ireland’s online dating websites? Are you struggling to decide which one is the right one for you? Luckily we have done all the research for you! 

Our guide features internet dating advice from the experts and we provide you with a helpful safety guide. We have also compiled a list of the most reputable free and paid-for dating websites Ireland has on offer. These sites remain affordable while offering the ideal platform to find the companionship, romance or fun you are looking for.

We know that time is precious, and it is often difficult to determine which sites are most likely to match us with the right partner. From this article, you will have the ability to find the website that is most in line with your career goals, hobbies, interests, age, and relationship goals. We hope our efforts will help match you with that perfect someone.

Introduction to Online Dating in Ireland

Finding a reputable dating site can be a daunting task. We often hear horror stories about people who have been duped by internet strangers, and we are cautioned against meeting with people we have met online.

But dating online doesn’t have to be scary and doesn’t have to carry the stigma many attach to it. In the age of constantly advancing technology and increasingly busy schedules, dating on the web is a great way to meet people with common goals and interests.

It is true that there are disadvantages and risks to internet dating. When you are conversing with someone through your computer, it is difficult to discern tone, and you certainly cannot read facial expressions or body language. You are simply taking people at their word.

However, there are a number of advantages to dating online.

Photo of couple walking in park that have met through online dating

First of all, it allows you the freedom to meet people on your own terms and rule out poor matches without causing hurt feelings. You can also ‘date’ while sitting at home if you aren’t feeling up to going out after a long day. Internet dating also widens the choice of potential partners. If you frequent pubs or other singles activities, your options are limited based on the number of people present. Bringing things online opens an entirely new world of possibilities. You can meet potential suitors with a variety of interests in many different stages of life.

Internet dating also widens the choice of potential partners. If you frequent pubs or other singles activities, your options are limited based on the number of people present. Bringing things online opens an entirely new world of possibilities. You can meet potential suitors with a variety of interests in many different stages of life.

Dating websites often offer personality tests and attempt to match people according to shared personality traits and common interests. It is true that this method is not perfect, and you will sometimes be matched with people with whom you have nothing in common. However, you might just meet someone you click with immediately, someone you may not have considered as a potential partner otherwise.

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The Best Dating Sites Ireland Has to Offer

What is the best dating site in Ireland? There are quite a few Irish dating websites but we have taken the time to cut the wheat from the chaff. Listed below are the most respected and professional websites for dating in Ireland. All the sites have been vetted and come recommended by those that have actually used them.

Be2 Review Logo

Be2 is an Irish dating website that uses thorough assessment of an initial personality test, taking into account several variables. It protects member privacy and leaves the disclosing of personal information to the individual. Be2 currently has 38,609,668 registered members worldwide. Of those members, currently fifty-seven percent are female, and forty-three percent male.

Suitable For:


Be2 is suitable for anyone in search of a compatible, long-term relationship.

Initial registration is free for the first fourteen days, and you will be charged for your chosen premium membership if you choose to remain a member after that time. Review Logo was established in 1995 and is one of the original dating websites. ( for Ireland) uses the same format as to create compatible matches for its members. Members are asked to take an initial personality assessment and are matched with other members based on their answers.

Suitable For:

Cost: is most suitable for singles of all ages that are searching for romantic partners

Initial sign-up is free with a seven-day trial. After the free trial, members are charged a monthly fee. Review Logo’s goal is to facilitate a wide variety of connections from platonic friendships to long-term romantic relationships. allows members to search their broad database with their own chosen criteria. The website currently has 383,599 active members.

Suitable For:

Cost: is most suitable for anyone looking for companionship of any kind such as a friendship, casual dating, long-term relationships, and even those who share specific common interests.

A standard membership is free and allows members to browse the website and communicate with other members. A paid membership is required to access all of the website’s features.


Elite Singles Logo

ELITESINGLES is designed with professional singles in mind. Their goal is to connect their customers with other compatible professionals with similar goals and aspirations who are seeking long-term relationships. They also offer expert advice to ensure that their members stay up-to-date on the latest dating trends. ELITESINGLES gets an average of 18,000 new members per week with fifty-six percent of active members being female and forty-four percent being male. Seventy-seven percent of active members are university graduates with a degree or higher.

Suitable For:


ELITESINGLES is most suitable for professional singles interested in establishing a meaningful long-term relationship.

Basic membership is free, while the cost of the premium membership depends on the length of your chosen contract.

Another Friend Review Logo claims to be Ireland’s number one dating site. Its goal is to facilitate friendships, casual dating, and long-term relationships for Ireland’s many singles of all ages. It currently has 890,669 members and boasts a high rate of success and great feedback from users.

Suitable For:

Cost: is most suitable for singles in Ireland in search of friendship, casual dating relationships or long-term romantic partners.

A standard membership is free and allows members to browse profiles and communicate with other members. If members choose to arrange a meeting or exchange personal contact information, they are required to upgrade to one of three Premium Membership packages. A one-month Premium Membership is €24.95. A three-month membership is €54.75. A twelve-month membership is €144.00.

Senior Friend Finder Review Review

Senior Friend Finder caters for those singles who are seeking partners who are more mature. The site officially says it is more suited to those aged sixty and over although many of it's members are as young as forty years old. There are some very active chat rooms on the site in which you can interact with other users. This website is very well respected and it’s brand is recognized across the world. The tagline on their site says "Senior Friend Finder is a wonderful place to where senior people meet for friendship, dating, and marriage."

Suitable For:


Senior Friend Finder is suitable for those seeking senior singles (40+) in search of a friendship or romantic relationship .

Senior Friend Finder shows members matches at no cost. When members are ready to communicate directly with a match, they can choose from one of several subscription packages.

Best Sites: Summary


Suitable For

More Info Logo

Relationship Logo

Relationship Logo

Relationship | Fun | Friendship Logo

Relationship | Fun | Friendship

Elite Singles Logo

Professional Singles | Romance | Fun Review

Aged 60+ | Romance | Companionship

Free Dating Sites Ireland

There are an endless amount of free Irish dating sites to choose from, but in the online world “free” can often spell disaster. We have heard countless stories of Irish people coming into contact with undesirable individuals on completely free dating sites. It is often a case of “you pay for what you get.” Also, it is worth bearing in mind that when you sign up to a totally free site your details and photos can often be seen in search results on Google. So if you value your privacy we would advise against these sites.

Typically, if there is a pay wall or premium feature this helps the site maintain credibility while also filtering out unwanted users. Also, the higher quality 'Freemium' (free but you can upgrade to premium) sites do not list your information on search engines. It is for this reason that we have only chosen the ‘free’ sites below. All the sites we have included have a good reputation, credibility, are well renowned and have implemented features that help filter unwelcome users.

Have fun! Review uses their initial personality test to pair matches who are most likely to establish a lasting long-term relationship. They provide a customised plan to help ensure that future romantic relationships are more successful than the last. They have over three million members worldwide who use the website daily and boast a high rate of success.

Suitable For:

Cost: is more suited for those in search of a relationship instead of short term fun.

FREE: is free to use, but you have the option upgrade to Premium service to increase your profile visibility.

Badoo Review Logo

Badoo was designed to create a variety of social connections across the world. It is more than just a dating site and is instead a broad social network. It allows for flexibility and establishes a variety of connections across the globe. It is currently available in forty-one languages in 190 countries. Badoo currently has 243,992,767 and is growing at a rapid rate.

Suitable For:


Badoo is suitable for anyone seeking social connections such as friendship, casual dating, and even long-term romantic relationships.

FREE: Badoo is free to use but you can upgrade to Premium service to add more pictures and promote your profile. Review Logo is an dating platform that is available to singles around the world. 'We don't want you sitting home, we want you going on a lot of great dates' is it's tag line. It boasts great mobile capabilities, catering to singles on the go. With over 25,000 new members every day, makes it easy to search and communicate with potential relationship interests.

Suitable For:

Cost: is most suited for singles in search of a relationship rather than simply short term fun.

FREE: is free to join but you can only send a limited amount of messages per week in the free version. Upgrade to Premium for access all areas features.

Best Free Sites: Summary


Suitable For

More Info

Relationship Logo

Friendship | Relationship | Fun Logo


Top 10 Internet Dating Tips From the Experts

To give you a helping hand along the way we have pooled together some of the best advice around from the experts in dating on the internet. We hope these tips are useful in your quest for success online.

1. Use a non-personal e-mail address & username.

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Set up an email address that doesn't include your name. You can set up free email accounts through Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail and others. Make sure you don’t put your name in the “from,” just your handle. The reason you don’t want to put your name in the “from” is someone can easily Google you and in some cases, find out where you live or work, go to church, or frequent other places if there is a posting with your name on a web site.

Dating Goddess                 


2. Manage your inbox wisely, avoid the spam!

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If a message seems generic and doesn’t refer to anything specific on your profile, it’s a good bet that it comes from someone who is messaging every eligible individual they can find, so it may not be worth replying. Meanwhile, be wary of people who are inappropriately forward or keen to arrange an immediate meaning.

Brad aka Dating Advice Guy


3. Polish your profile with...honesty.

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No you don’t have to create a stellar profile by saying you’re the hottest babe or dude in the country. If you want to get into a real and lasting relationship, just try to be honest about everything, including your body type, height, personality, hobbies, etc.

Nadia Bremen                 


4. You look great, so upload multiple pictures.

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It’s best to have more than one picture. Two is enough, 8 is too many. At least one of them should show your face in close up.

Simone Grant


5. Don't rely on the 'algorithms'. Computer says YES!

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Don’t take the suggested top matches very seriously. They rarely are accurate, regardless of their “exclusive algorithms” promising to match you with your ideal partner. They usually are people who are online the most and are guaranteed to respond so that you will go on more and use their site / app more. You should determine your OWN top matches by researching everyone.

Suzie aka Single Dating Diva


6. Read the entire profile before you send a first message.

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I find a huge mistake singles make when they’re online is to message someone they are physically interested in without actually reading though their entire profile. If you are going to take the time to message someone, you want to make sure that your message indicates evidence you’ve read through their entire profile.

Paul C. Brunson


7. Ask questions...What does a good relationship look like?

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It’s always nice to know what the other person views as ideal in their eyes. You can see if you’re looking for the same thing in terms of what makes a relationship good.

Midori Lei                 


8. Remember, this should be enjoyable, not stressful.

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Don’t put yourself through the unnecessary stress. In most cases, you can tell if a person is not the right fit within 3 dates or less. Yes, the rule of three strikes again. You will notice that this is when the cracks begin to show. After a mere three dates the emotional investment of both parties should be relatively small, so shouldn’t be too hard for you to throw that trout back in the sea and keep fishing.

Damona Hoffman                 


9. Don't reveal too much too soon.

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Keep personal information about your work and your daily whereabouts to a minimum, particularly at first. It is perfectly acceptable to bring a friend with you on the first date, if you’re particularly nervous.

Karen Mulreid & Beating Myself Into A Dress


10. Take your time. Fools rush in.

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Pause before leaping, look at the facts...instead of blindly following your feelings. Take a step back. If your instincts are raising those red flags pay attention to them.

Patricia Lohan & Michelle Fletcher & Social Singles   


Five Key Online Dating Safety Rules

Finally, it is very important to be mindful of your safety when deciding to meet with someone in person that you have met online. Here are five important steps you can take to stay safe.

  • 1. First, don’t discount your intuition. If you have the slightest inkling that you shouldn’t meet with someone, don’t.
  • 2. Second, inform a trusted friend or family member about where you are going and who you plan to meet. This is a good rule of thumb with nearly any dating situation, not just online. Check in with this person periodically during the date with a text or a quick phone call.
  • 3. Always meet in a public place. Do not agree to meet at either of your homes.
  • 4. Arrange your own transportation, and do not bring your date back to your home after your first meeting.
  • 5. Last but not least, don’t drink too much. One or two cocktails are fine, but know your limits. It is smart to avoid lowering your inhibitions around someone with whom you are unfamiliar.

The general emphasis for safety is often on women, but men should be cautious as well. It is important that every dating participant follow these basic safety rules. If you choose the dating website that best suits your needs and the safety rules above are followed then dating online can be a fun and very rewarding experience.

Have you tried ever tried romance online? Have you tried any of the sites above? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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